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Post Production-Digital Cinema Specialists

About us

Hermosa Beach filmworks is owned and operated by Jonathan Liebert, and was formed in January of 1988.  Originally a traditional 35mm production and post production facility, the company transitioned into digital services in the late 1990s as non-linear editing systems such as Avid, Premiere and Final Cut Pro became widely available, and then into “D-Cinema” and DCPs in 2006 when the specification was first formalized.

Hermosa Beach Filmworks is one of the most experienced D-Cinema facilities, having made 2500 DCPs for features, shorts, trailers and commercials since 2006, including those of 7 Academy Award winning films 27 Academy nominated films.

Our specialty is working with independent filmmakers, and documentary filmmakers in particular.  We are happy to help out with projects, even it if just to provide free advice.  Feel free to call or email for more information.